Who is Davide Anzimanni?

I was born in 1995 in Udine, a small city of Friuli.

Since I was young I’ve always been attracted to nature and landscapes, so much so I always got excited every time I had to prepare the luggage to leave for a trip.

These emotions of mine have then encountered photograpy, giving birth to my biggest passion.

During the past few years I specialized in creating photographical contents and the making of emotional videos, I travelled to over 20 countries, met people from all around the world storing knowledge and skills that made me the professional figure I am to this day

Travelling a lot I shared my pictures and my videos on Instagram, and this combination between social media and photography allowed me to reach a community of over 140.000 people, giving me the opportunity to specilize in landscape photography and in the making of contents for luxury hotels. I have indeed collaborated with hotels and resorts from all around the world, helping them grow on social media and creating them contents made for commercial and marketing purposes.

The society we live in is at this point dominated by images; and photography became a mean necessary to communicate and exalt what it represents.

Therefore, to realize a shot, it takes a lot of hours of work, study and preparation: the seek of the conditions and perfect lighting, along side with the study of the composition and the use of the most modern technologies, give my pictures a unique and overwhelming style, meant to capture emotions and tell something that deeply affects people.