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Preset Pack 4 Seasons [EN]

This preset pack is perfect for photographers who shoot landscapes and adventure- lifestyle photos. 16 of my favorite presets I’ve created. The Presets work best with adventure lifestyle, landscape, sunrise and sunset images.It is perfect for all kind of images, from portraits to landscapes, from the mountains to the beaches. Easily edit your pictures maintaining you grid cohesive and dreamy! Use them as they are or as a foundation to modify yout pictures as you wish!

This preset pack is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom CC. Compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

** Compatibility: Desktop e Mobile **


1. Download the file from email

2. Unzip the file

3. Open Lightroom

4. Then go to Lightroom –> Preferences –> Show Lightroom Presets Folder

5. Drag each Preset (presetname.lrtemplate) into folder labeled “Develop Presets”

6. Restart Lightroom

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Preset Pack 4 Seasons [EN]